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‘Granny’ Programme, Steung Meanchey Community

I held his hand in mine as I left to say goodbye and he laughed squeezing mine back – again the warmth returned from these people who have absolutely nothing in terms of material wealth and some of the toughest living conditions I have seen is astounding.   The granny with the portrait of herself framed next to her is the one who said to Scott she knew she was going to die soon and all she wanted was a fine picture for her funeral.  I was taken a back by the bareness of her tiled cement room – there was not much more than you see in the photo other than a few folded up clothes and a sleeping mat.  It was one of the most moving experiences I’ve had here – being allowed into their homes and spend those 10 minutes in their company is such a world away from anything I’ve experienced before.  I kept reminding myself that each of the women had lived through the Khmer Rouge and for that alone you know their strength and what losses they must have survived.   Their faces held a thousand stories – I only wish I spoke Khmer.
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